Monday, October 5, 2009

Adventures in Homemaking

Busy and productive weekend! Well, after a rather languid and snuggly Saturday morning, that is. I spent my afternoon shopping for all things domesticity. Michael's for Fall garland and a fake pumpkin, Target for baby gifts and cards, Macy's to pick out a new (FREE) Crock pot and some fabulous pans. Grocery store and local fish shop rounded out the list.
So Sunday rolls around and I just HAVE to try out the shiny new Rival 6 qt. Crock pot (with attached hinged lid and digital programming). So sleek, so large... so many possibilitiesBut I settled on comfort food: namely, chicken and dumplings. I found this recipe through my Saturday morning Googling. After reading the reviews and jotting down a few words of advice, I exchanged the water for a carton of chicken stock, added a can of corn along with the biscuits after 4 hours of cooking on High. I let the biscuits simmer in the liquid on Low for another 1.5 hours. The results= Delish!

I also whipped up a huge pot of chili using the amazing red cast iron pot from our wedding registry... and the biscuits mentioned in my previous post. The MR. was in Heaven! Everything turned out just dandy and we will be feasting for the rest of the dreary work-week.

I heartily recommend all of the recipes from this weekend!


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