Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ta Da!

So, after ahem months of neglecting my new venture in blogging, I decided that part of my neglect was based on a lack of subject matter. Not that I live a boring life... at least not all the time. But I doubt very much that my faithful readers really need a recounting of every weekend conversation with the Mr. and every detail of the goings on at my office. These topics do not a fun blog make.

So, I've decided to revamp this little jewel and focus on my other passion: Cooking! I have discovered a long buried urge to create masterpieces in my kitchen. Since I work nights, my only real opportunity to forage into culinary creativity is on the weekends. Hence the new name... The Weekend Chef.

I hope you will find useful recipes and the anecdotes of my own attempts to master them. I am always open to suggestions from YOU... and will take on any challenges you want to throw my way.


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